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Programme and Activities of Alipurduar District Unit, West Bengal AICURD 2015-2016

Alipurduar Centre (P.O. & Dist. Alipurduar, West Bengal), being a new unit of AICURD has experienced mixed results of achievements on targets during the short period under review, from 14 Aug 2015 to 31 Mar 2016, mostly completed with positive impact at ground as reflected herein under :-


During this period as per curriculum devised by Central Bank of India we have implemented a programme for 25 women SHGS at Kalchini Block for a period of 15 to 30 days engaging qualified Master Trainer. The completion report as appended below:-

Chart No. 1

Sl. No. Name of the Programme No of Candidates SHGS Member Venue Block Dist Period Days
1 Soft Toy making 30 Kalchini Panchayat Bhavan Kalchini Alipurduar 07.01.16 to 21.01.16 15 Days
2 Women's Dress Designers 25 Hasimara Welfare Club Satali G.P. Kalchini Alipurduar 11.01.16 to 31.01.16 21 Days
3 Beauty Parlor Management 25 Hamiltanganj Byabasayee Samity Hall Kalchini Alipurduar 15.02.16 to 16.03.16 30 Days



AICURD, Alipurduar District Unit has undertaken a programme during this period under review to train the people leaving below proverty line (BPL); especially the women folk of scheduled cast & tribe for 'Cutting and tailoring Course' in different centres as appended below:-

Chart No. 2

Sl. No. Name of Venue No. of Candidates Block Dist Periods Per Month



As per resolution adopted in the meeting of District level selection committee of Dept. of Health, Govt. of West Bengal, AICURD was called upon to run two Rogi Sahayak Kendras in B.P.H.C., Falakata Block and B.P.H.C. Alipurduar Block-I.

Primarily the arrangement was set on 04 Sep 2015 between AICURD office of Jalpaiguri and with "Rogi Kalyan Samity" of Panchkolguri B.P.H.C. and Falakata B.P.H.C. later Jalpaiguri Unit handed over to AICURD, Alipurduar District Unit to monitor the same.

Hence, AICURD APD unit appointed two candidates, each for Panchkolguri B.P.H.C. and Falakata B.P.H.C. for supervision of 'Kendra'. They worked upto the entire satisfaction of the District unit of AICARD with their sincerity, diligence, honesty and punctuality.

The details of this programme are appended below:-

Chart No. 3

Sl. No. Name of Employee Category/ Post Name of Health Centre Block Dist Date of Joining
1 Shyamal Debnath Rogi Sahayak Panchkolguri APD-I APD 05/1/16
2 Sujal Roy Rogi Sahayak Panchkolguri APD-I APD 05/1/16
3 Swati Dey Sarkar Rogi Sahayak Falakata B.P.H.C Falakata B.P.H.C Falakata 08/1/16
4 Purnima Ghosh Rogi Sahayak Falakata B.P.H.C Falakata B.P.H.C Falakata 08/1/16



As instructed by Jalpaiguri Unit of AICURD, Alipurduar Unit started Food processing programme especially for the women folk belonging to SHGs of BPL group. It installed required machineries in a rented room at Santinagar, Alipurduar, appointing one Instructor to impart training to SHG women for 60 days. The instructor trained them to make Fruit Jams-Jelly-Juice, tomato sauce, potato chips, paneer, spice dust/powder etc.

After the completion of successful training, they, on their own, are producing and marketing the aforesaid products successfully.

AICURD, Alipurduar has made substantial progress in this aspect during this period and is considering to sharpen its prime focus on it within the given framework of our NGO. It needs more organisational and functional effort to strengthen this project to ensure benefits at the door step of target groups.


AICURD, Alipurduar District Unit has undertaken this programme, during the period under review, to train the women belonging to below poverty line (BPL); especially the women folk of scheduled cast & tribe providing machineries to the beneficiaries on successful completion of 3 month long training. They collected the 'Resham Guti' and made silk thread with the help of the same appliances and provided the thread to suppliers of 'Resham Guti' against wages.

It is expected that this activity will improve the livelihood of the beneficiaries. Details of Production centres are as under :-



Name of Sericulture Centre

No of Machine





Sonali Group




ITI Bazar Birpara


Modern Group




Chapatili No-I


A large portion of populace in Alipurduar District are living below poverty line and most of them belong to SC and ST segments, amongst them a good number of women folk are working as bidi workers.

AICURD, Alipurduar District has undertaken during, the period under review, a massive awareness programme among the female workers about various endowment and beneficial schemes sanctioned and outlined by Govt. of India viz childrens’

education, House Building grant, Health Insurance including meeting treatment cost for T.B., Cancer, Eye Operation and Leprosy.

AICURD, Alipurduar has also undertaken huge awareness campaign through camps and seminars as to the verification and collection of personal data of the Bidi Workers to help procure identity cards to acess the aforesaid benefits.

As a result of the initiative undertaken by our Unit during this period, the following could be achieved:-




No of Present Persons

No. of Identity Cards distributed


AICURD, Alipurduar District unit office




AICURD Alipurdua rDistrict unit office




AICURD Alipurduar District unit office




AICURD Alipurduar District unit office


Not Delivered



AICURD, Alipurduar District Unit being authorized to act as an Agency for Micro-Insurance from LIC, Jalpaiguri Division organized a meeting with the interested and willing persons for Agent-service on 9th Oct 2015. There are two types of policy:-

JEEVAN MANGAL: It is a term assurance plan with return of premiums on maturity. It is a Micro Insurance Policy customized to cater for low-income section. On the date of maturity of term of the policy the assured sum is to be paid, provided the policy is kept in force.

JEEVAN MADHUR : It is a simple Saving Life Insurance Plan where on emay pay premium regularly at the interval of weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly installments. The minimum and maximum sum assured is Rs.5000/- and 30,000/- respectively payable on death or maturity.


AICURD, Alipurduar District Unit organized a seminar along with North Bengal Chamber of Commerce, FOSIN, 'Alipurduar Byabosayee Samity', Medicine Association, various NGOs, Lead District Manager (LDM) of Central Bank of India in

presence of the MLA, Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri District Unit, President of AICURD, on 21 Dec 2015.

In 'MUDRA YOJANA' Scheme the beneficiaries will get Bank Loan from Rs.50,000/- upto Rs.5,00,000/- (Five Lakhs) without security for small business purpose.

All the aforesaid Associations requested LDM, Central Bank of India to sanction loans without any hindrance.

Programme & Activities of Jalpaiguri District Unit, West Bengal For the year 2015-16

Since inception, All India Centre for Urban and Rural Development, (AICURD) Dist. Unit, Jalpaiguri is engaged towards different pro-poor activities, training to rural youth for sustainable livelihood, formation and nurturing of women SHGs, community health and education etc. Some of the activities undertaken by AICURD, Jalpaiguri District unit during the year 2015-16 are given here under:-

1. Micro Insurance

AICURD became the Authorised Agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India since January 2011. These schemes are meant to serve the low-income group especially at the time of death of earning member of the family.

2. Micro Finance Activities

Jalpaiguri District Unit took initiative to extend credit support to the SHGs who have limited scope to avail institutional credit. This activity was managed well and it continued till 2012-13 without any tangible problem. After collapse of a number of unscrupulous chit funds AICURD suffered a huge set back. But AICURD continued persuation measure and a few stake-holders responsed well. AICURD is expecting to recover all over-dues within a short span of time enabling it to go for MFI activities as it planned initially.

3. Computer Training Centre.

The District Unit, All India Centre for Urban & Rural Development, (AICURD), has been providing computer training from 2005, designed to train students with little or no computer experience, this course includes Basic Computer concepts and terminology, using the Windows operating system. It is a process for them to learn how computers desktop is organized and how to   access    important  commands,  Knowledge    to    utilize    fundamental   mouse    and keyboard skills including opening software programs, working with files, and browsing the Internet also to explore options for saving files at computer’s hard drive

or a removable storage device, such as a CD or USB flash drive. More than 150 participants have successfully completed their courses.

In the Year 2015-2016, AICURD introduces two more courses on TALLY ERP9.2 &

Desk Top Publishing (DTP) for the students to improve their knowledge in finance as well as in designing.

Apart from above Computer Training Programme AICURD is also functioning as Authorised Training Institute affiliated by Mahatma Gandhi Youth Computer Training Centre w.e.f. August 2013 where Basic Computer Training is provided at a very low cost of Admission and monthly course fees. Diploma Computer application course for one year was conducted during 2015-16 and certificates were awarded to students who appeared in Semistar I & II .

4. Rogi Sahayak Programme

AICURD has been selected by the local dist. Health Committee to deploy 16 Rogi Sahayaks in each of the 4 nos. of Block Public Health Centre/Rural Hospital. Rogi Sahayaks are performing their duties under the guidance of the respective Block Medical Offices of Health (BMOH).

5. Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche Programme

This is a flag-ship programme of Jalpaiguri District unit and the programme is being executed as per the mandate given by Central Social Welfare Board / West Bengal State Social Welfare Board. Children of working mothers of rural areas, aged between 0-6 years, are enrolled in the Creche Centres as per instruction of West Bengal State Social Welfare Board. Seven crèche centres are now being run by AICURD.

Each centre has 1 Creche worker and 1 Helper who take care of group of 25 children. Provision of cooked food, pre- primary education, health check up etc. are ensured regularly. Most of the enrolled children of earlier years were subsequently admitted to Primary Schools. Village level health workers are giving support for health check up of the children of each the centres.

6. Child Labour School and National Child Labour Project (NCLP)

To protect the right of children and in order to free the children from hazardous activities, State Govt. in collaboration with Union Ministry of Labour is implementing National Child Labour Project through AICURD, in Jalpaiguri. Hence a child Labour school is functioning at Jayantipara, P.O. & Dist. Jalpaiguri since March, 2008 providing primary education to the children aged 8-14 years. Apart from lessons for class I-IV some vocational education is also imparted to them.

Provision of lunch is made under “Mid-day-Meal” programme and AICURD also arranges uniforms to the children. Children are participating in different games,celebrating Independence Day/ Republic Day and organizing Saraswati Puja every year.

All the students are getting stipend @ Rs. 100/- per month through their Bank A/C being provided by the funding agency.

7. Swajan Sales Out- Let of SHG Products

“Swajan” our sales out-let is being run at Sanskritipara, Jalpaiguri. Moderate stock of different handicraft products are being procured from SHG members who are trained by AICURD and their products are sold from this counter. It is the only retail outlet for selling SHG Products in Jalpaiguri. Handicraft Products, stocked at the Swajan out-let, are also sold in the local fairs being arranged by D.R.D.C. from time to time. Many distinguished personalities have visited the sales counter of Swajan and procured handicraft items of their choice.

Programme and Activities in Kathua District Unit, Jammu and Kashmir, AICURD 2015-2016

Shorthand Training Centre for the welfare of the people of the Scheduled Caste community especially in the Kathua district of J&K since 1998. It is also important to mention here that in these three Craft Training Centres, the training is being imparted to educated as well as uneducated female candidates of Scheduled Caste community especially to earn their livelihood easily after the completion of their training programme. They start to stitch cloth in their own houses, shops, boutiques etc which help them to enhance their family income and raise their socio-economic status in the society and live a respectable life. It is also noted by the members of the organization that there is a tremendous change in the lives of the people in those areas/villages where the training has been imparted.
The following is a brief account of the progress made in various projects i.e. three Craft Training Centers and One Type and Shorthand Training Centre during the year 2014-2015.


All India Centre for Urban and Rural Development, District Unit, Kathua, J&K is running one Type and Shorthand Centre eighty beneficiaries belonging to scheduled castes community at Patel Nagar, Kathua for the year 2014-2015. The training starts from 15th June in every year and ends on 14th June in the next year The training is imparted in the field of Type and Shorthand to the unemployed and educated youth for the betterment of their future and skill formation.


Keeping the need of the people in mind living below poverty line especially women folk belonging to Scheduled Caste’s  Community,  All  India Centre  for Urban and  Rural  Development, District  Unit,  Patel Nagar, Kathua, J&K is running three Craft Training Centres at different Villages namely

1. Vill.- Khokhyal, P/o    –    Khokhyal,  Tehsil  and  District – Kathua.

2. Vill. - Pandrar, P. o. - Ghati, Tehsil - Kathua, District – Kathua.

3. Vill. - Nanan, P. o. - Ghati, Tehsil – Kathua, District

Kathua in Kathua district of J&K. The training is imparted in the field of Crafts viz. Cutting/Tailoring, Embroidery, Knitting, Sozni etc. to the educated as well as uneducated and unemployed women for the betterment of their future through skill formation. The strength of beneficiaries is eighty in each Centre. The total strength of beneficiaries is 240 in three Craft Training Centres who are undergoing training on various Crafts viz. cutting/tailoring, Embroidery, knitting, Sozni etc. The training starts from 1st September every year and ends on 31st August in the next year.

All three Craft Training Centres have been running with the financial assistance received from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India.

Programme and Activities of State Unit, AICURD, Uttarakhand 2015 - 2016

1. English speaking and personality development (ESPD)

AICURD Uttrakhand, conducted English speaking and personality development course to the students. This course is designed to instruct the girls of the residential institutions in content based strategies, curriculum development, skill development, self-confidence, knowledge of technology and practical experience. Participants in this combined course were given orientation on current topics in English language, personality development.

Besides this, the trainer had also covered those areas of general awareness which would equip the participants with information about the government schemes and their implementation procedure about various self-employment schemes, better change for employment and self-confidence.

The classes were based on grammer, speaking and pronouncing skills, listening skills and personality development, fun activities, group discussion introduction essay writing, storytelling or writing.

The total no of beneficiary were 50.




Introduction of English, it’s history, benefits and Scope

Understanding of Urban areas and their way of living

Basics of Grammar (sentence , parts of sentence, verb, tenses, preposition etc)

Self-confidence building Techniques

Collocations, Phrases and Idioms

Understanding Dressing Etiquettes

Read out lout practices, Reducing Mother tongue influence and improving pronunciation (by introducing them to various sounds and syllables stress method of pronunciation )

Understanding Basics of body language

Various Dialogue wise role play      

Understanding Corporate world and corporate behavior

Essay Writing, letter writing, and Speech Practices

Assigning various Team activities to identify leadership skills, organization skill and Team work.

Interview Practices & Vocabulary building Practices.

Assigning work to create a basic understanding of Responsibility and Awarding them accordingly.

Awarding them a certificate on successful completion of the program



2. Career Counseling Program

AICURD Uttrakhand under took career counseling to the students engaging the

professional, government officer, bank manager, employees of MNCs who are in reputed designation etc. from time to time with a pause of 3 or 4 months in districts like Bageshwar and Pithoragarh. The package was meant for those students who have passed out or would appear for 12th class exam. The aim of career counseling was to guide the participants in choosing their future course of studies taking into account the skill aptitude and talent they have in themselves. Career counseling is also designed to act as a tool building confidence in them.

It provided an opportunity to the students to discuss and discover opportunities in their developing career plans and works with qualified professionals who guided them in surmounting the difficulties in opting for a career that would be rewarding and would make one feel accomplished.

In the session 2015-16, AICURD Uttarakhand held four career counseling seminar / workshop for the professionals. The details of faculty and field of career counseling are shown in the table given below. The total no. of beneficiary students was more than 200.



Qualification and organization name and designation

Focus points of career counseling

Sunil Maan

B.Tech (Information technology Special Officer Bank Of baroda

Banking service, information technology qualification for banking service.

Dr. Dayal

Ph.D Geology, Geologist irrigation department

Scope of geology, branch of earth science, remote sensing, study centre of geology and geography.

Neeraj k Singh

MSW,BSW, currently PH.D Scholar. Secretary of All India Centre For Urban & Rural Development, Uttrakhand(NGO)

About social work and field of social work, qualification for the courses related to social work, Rural and Urban development program, career opportunity after the completion of course, how to apply for these courses
Rahul verma MBA, business development manager in smart school How to study, teaching style through digital equipments.

3. Computer Training

AICURD Uttrakhand had provided basic training of computer to the students of KGBV Khansyu, for skill development of the girls. Reading, writing and numeracy is the core of any literacy program. These are indeed critical to function adequately in society. The duration of course was three months of basic course. The aim of this project is to literate the adolescent girl through computer education. The total number of beneficiary student was 50.

The designed program on computer training included the follows:-

1. Fundamental of computer (introduction, memory devices, input-output & processing, types of computer, history and generation of computer etc)

2. Windows overview, knowledge of operating system

3. Typing skills.

4. Email and internet (introduction, search engines, browsing and surfing webpage)

5. Viruses and ant viruses.

6. Application and software

4. Painting, sewing and craft making

AICURD Uttrakhand provided training of painting, sewing, and craft making to the students of KGBV Khansyu to increase the creativity and to develop skill in them.

Teaching the children learn through play and open-ended activities.

It allows them to know more about the world around them, ask questions, and see how things work. The exercise in question facilitate the process of learning for children because it allows them to be amongst themselves, make their own decisions, and just create! Below are some of the areas that formed the package.

1. Sewing

2. Painting

3. Craft making from waste materials

Painting being one of the main activities also acted as a good stress therapy, even for the children. Topics included paintings, pottery, galleries, coloring, drawing, at-home painting projects, painting crafts for adults, and types of painting. AICURD Uttarakhand had trained 50 students of KGBV in 2015-16 in this field.

5. Tuition for the students to provide quality education

AICURD Uttrakhand provides tuition to the rural students in elementary and higher classes (5th -12th) standards. The initiative covers all students of Class 5 to Class 12 from all schools which are nearby providing them with knowledge of all opportunities they can pursue in their educational and professional lives. AICURD teaches them through e-learning system at its centre. There are paucity of teachers in schools, so AICURD has decided to teach the students digitally and provide them quality education. The tution has been given to them without any fee.

At AICURD Uttrakhand’s training centre the total strength of students was 80 who were beneficiated in the year 2015-16.

6. Tree plantation on Independence day

At Jawahar Nagar in Udham Singh Nagar district, AICURD Uttrakhand had planted trees involving the school kids, the plantation was done surrounding the area of the school. AICURD also sensitized the students about the environmental benefits that the trees attribute.

7. Took part in awareness rally on domestic violence “Farq kyun”

AICURD Uttrakhand  took  part  in  awareness  rally and  workshop  at  Shama

village, Bageshwar district. Workshop was held on domestic violence against women and the theme was “FARQ KYUN”. This program is organized by SAJHA MANCH

a co-partner  NGOS which is working for prevention of domestic violence.

8. Formation of bank linkage to womens’ self-help group(SHGs)

AICURD Uttrakhand being funded by NABARD ventured to form womens’ SHGs at Okhalkanda block of Nainital district. Till now 60 SHG’s could be formed

and bank linkage could be given to 35 of them.

9. Participation in cricket tournament to encourage youth.

AICURD, Uttrakhand also worked for ‘get together’ and encouraged intermingling of the youth and children who come at the institute, this year AICURD had also participated in cricket tournament in the area of Okhalkanda block.

Sport and physical education is fundamental to the early development of children and youth and the skills earned during play, physical education and sport contribute, to the holistic development of young people. Through participation in sport and physical education, young people learn about the importance of key values such as:



Fair play,

Respect for themselves and others, and

Adherence to rules.

It also provides a forum for young people to learn how to deal with competition

and how to cope with both winning and losing. These learning aspects highlight the impact of physical education and sport on a child’s social and moral development in

addition to physical skills and abilities.

In terms of physical and health aspects of child and youth development, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that focuses on the (mostly positive) effects of sport and exercise on physical health, growth and development.

As a result of the focusing on sports, our youth team had won three final tournament and runners’ up in one tournament during the session 2015-16.

10. Organize fare (“Utrani Kautik”) to foster the culture, custom and tradition of Uttrakhand, at Shama village of Bageshwar district

AICURD Uttrakhand had participated to organized fare at Shama Village of Bageshwar district in January 2015 in collaboration with local organization. The motive of taking part in the fare was to foster the cultural activities, custom and

tradition of the local area. It was a big event where more than 8000 people had gathered to see the fare. It has also been called in local language as ‘Utrani Kautik’.

11. Provisions of certificate and prize to the student of KGBV on “Maa Beti” mela who appeared in 12th class to motivate them for the examination.

AICURD Uttrakhand awarded gift to the student of KGBV on “Maa Beti” mela to motivate them for the examination and also awarded certificate to students who had completed their courses successfully. The chief guests in the event were SDM of Dhari Block and Block education Officer of Okhalkanda, who honored the students by distributing prizes and certificates.

12. Clean Gaula river on 2 October with KGBV Students

AICURD,Uttrakhand organize a awareness program on 2 Oct 2015 with students at Khansyu to make “Gaula River” clean, healthy and secure. The program

was on include cleaning the river bank.

13. Fill up online form of school students and youth

AICURD Uttrakhand had taken initiative to aware the students about their future plan. AICURD informed them about the government job, government schemes and other competitive exams whose forms are needed to be filled online. In the year 2015-16 AICURD has filled up the forms benefiting more than 100 youths.

14. Providing one student college fee

AICURD Uttrakhand initiated a program to provide college fee to students, we persuaded to one of our donor to select a girl to provide to her college fee. She wasn’t

able to deposit fee for higher education on completion of her school education. She was former student of AICURD training centre.

Programme and Activities of State Unit, AICURD, Delhi 2015 - 2016


The Teaching Unit of AICURD

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”

-  Albert Einstein, German-born Theoretical Physicist

And as the name suggests, TAPASYA is AICURD’s earnest endeavor to bring about that positive change in the society which will create thinking individuals acting as catalysts, leading us into a positive, progressive and prosperous - better world.

It isn’t easy, it certainly seems utopian, yet, it isn’t impossible if each one begins to make its own little effort. TAPASYA is AICURD’s little effort towards building the society everyone wishes to live in. Development, growth, leading globally et al, are positive changes that must attain fruition but the root of it all begins with education. Only a society that has educated, evolved, thinking minds who can process, ponder over and accept positive change, is one that will emerge as a leader in the global community.

TAPASYA is doing its bit to create that society with education as its tool. It aims to provide education, in the form of vocational trainings and academic courses, designed to cater to the lot that needs it the most. With a primary focus on the EWS (Economically Weaker Sections), it is a platform that is open to everyone who is willing to learn.


The Computer Training Centre (AICURD) at the Delhi headquarters office started off in the month of February, 2016, an initiative taken up to promote education and improve livelihoods of people belonging to areas surrounding the Delhi office, especially for the marginalized segment of the society.

The objective is to involve these groups into constructive activities and instill an academic bent of mind in them – in order to generate and facilitate productive growth and development in these areas. Some of the target areas are Gole Jhuggis, Palika Dham, Valmiki Basti and J. J. Camp, among others.

To encourage the children from these groups towards embarking on the journey of learning, confidence-building and employability, the CTC (AICURD) introduced a Basic Computer Applications Certificate Course for a period of 3 months, for which the students had to pay nothing. Hence, since its inception in Febraury, 2016, the CTC has imparted free computer training to around 80-90 students in the age group of 14-25 years (focusing primarily on the Economically Weaker Sections) and handed out nationally recognized certificates to them. Delightfully, some of the pass outs have managed to find jobs for themselves on their own too.

While imparting Computer Education, one of the key purposes of the CTC (AICURD) programme is to concentrate on an overall personality-building and developing a positive attitude. In order to achieve this, the 3 month long session always begins with an Orientation Programme designed to enthuse students to take up the new session with a keen and open mind.

This is followed by Creative Workshops, PowerPoint presentations with guidance from industry experts and other such confidence-building activities. The goal is to achieve the best possible outcomes, harnessing all the resources, to impact these lives in a positive way.

This small initiative is gradually picking up and has imparted training to about 80-90 students in its first year i.e. 2016. In this endeavor, the AICURD family has been fortunate enough to garner support from some esteemed organizations and prolific personalities.

One such organization is the Jan Shikshan Sansthan, West Delhi. Also, there are some eminent personalities supporting CTC (AICURD) such as Prof. G. Jayaseelan, an IIM Calcutta alumnus, a powerful speaker; having been attached to The Career Launcher, The ITM University, The National Small Industries Corporation Ltd., Hindustan Aeronautics, etc, the dynamic personality has been one of the most prominent driving forces for the students of the CTC (AICURD). His impactful sessions are extremely popular among the present as well as the ex-students.

2. The CTC (AICURD) Orientation Programme

As the definition goes, the word orientation means - to guide one to adjust to new surroundings, and the CTC (AICURD) tries to stick to the meaning by ensuring that this day, that marks the beginning of the 3 month’s course, familiarizes the children with all the necessary aspects of their admission to the course.


The Orientation Programme is attended by the new joining batch and their guardians; it has an introductory session - which covers all the necessary instructions and overview of the course, as well as getting to know their instructors, followed by a counseling session by an expert to enthuse them about making the most of their time spent at CTC (AICURD).

3. The CTC (AICURD) Creative Workshop

As per definition, a ‘Workshop’ is a class or series of classes in which a small group of people learn the methods and skills used in doing something. Thus, at CTC (AICURD) Creative Workshops, children are offered a platform to participate in activities that help in confidence- building and are provided with Counseling Sessions conducted by guest speakers from different spheres of life, to help them gain a better perspective about their future and career options.

4. The CTC (AICURD) PowerPoint Presentations

As part of their final practical exam, the students are divided into groups to work on a case study and develop a PowerPoint Presentation to be presented in front of Industry Experts so as to help them gain a wholesome experience.

This enables them to understand teamwork, learn to work under pressure, discover leadership qualities, understand the concept of research and presentations, and gain helpful tips from the industry insiders.

5. The CTC (AICURD) Students’ Progress Assessments & Rewards

Part of the 3 month-long course also includes an overall assessment report of each student known as the SPAR (Students’ Progress Assessment Report), which the students take back home to analyze their growth on their own, this helps them reflect on their attitude, behavior and aptitude to further improvise in their future endeavors.

In every batch, there are a few students who are good and there are those who are great, to encourage and transform the good ones into great ones, the CTC (AICURD) rewards the students with a gift at the end of every session. It is announced at the beginning of the session that the institute will acknowledge and reward its better students so that each one of them strives to be that. This helps them emerge as better individuals on an overall basis, i.e. in terms of behavior, attitude and personality, as apart from results, these too are the parameters on which a student is rewarded. The CTC (AICURD) is proud of some its ex-students who did quite well and even bagged jobs on their own after completing their course.

6. The CTC (AICURD) Exams & Certification

After a PowerPoint presentation, Viva Voce, Submission of files and theory exam, conducted by an outside examiner, and on the basis of their final results, the students at the CTC (AICURD) are handed out Certificates issued by The Jan Shikshan Sansthan, West Delhi – a nationally recognized institution. This marks the successful completion of their course.

7. 1st Batch of CTC (AICURD)

4th February, 2016 – 3rd May, 2016

8. The Orientation Programme

The first batch of the Computer Training Centre started with a small group of about 12 students. The Orientation Programme for the first batch was held on 1st February, 2016, and was conducted by the AICURD staff.


In this session, children were briefed about the course and the discipline that was to be maintained for the following three months.

9. The Creative Workshop

The first Creative Workshop was held on 19th March, 2016. It included sessions conducted byGuest Faculty and was attended by some eminent personalities. All the students were present in this session which began with an Interactive Quiz Session with students, conducted by Mr. Santosh Shukla, the Instructor, Computer Training Centre, AICURD, followed by a lecture on ‘Highlighting the significance of Soft Skills & Personality Development in Contemporary Times’ delivered by Mr. G. Jayaseelan, an IIM Calcutta alumnus & Retd. Chief General Manager – The NSIC, and a lecture on ‘TheNeed & Importance of Computer Education in today’s times’ by Dr. VSP Shrivastav, Head, Computer Division, IGNOU.

The session was a success as the children learnt many new things and got an opportunity to interact with experts from various fields.

Along with the prominent guest faculty, former Vice President, AICURD, New Delhi and currently Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to Hon’ble Chief Minister, Haryana, Mr. Neeraj Daftuar, also formed part of the guests attending the workshop. Apart from that, all the Members of the Executive Committee, AICURD, had attended the programme too. The session ended with Tea & Refreshments.